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“I was a lucky girl, nothing bad ever happened to me, and then it did.” – Laura Ziskin

An artist sits in a quiet studio selecting beads, eyeing them for the exact shape and hue, skillfully wrapping each wire, the result will be a ”Love Link” bracelet made for a woman who will never see it. The artist has a strong connection to the woman inspiring this piece she is creating. It is a connection that brings people together for the worst of reasons and the best of reasons. They have both heard a doctor’s diagnosis. Once you have heard it you are unwillingly recruited into an army. These two women, who never met, living on opposite sides of the country, were fighting side by side along with thousands of others against cancer.

In September of 2011 Saint Vintage designed a bracelet in honor of Laura Ziskin. You may know Laura Ziskin as the producer of the Spider-Man franchise, Pretty Woman, or As Good As it Gets. Many others know her as one of the co-founders of Stand Up To Cancer, the nonprofit organization, who with the help of dozens of stars, generated millions of dollars in donations for cancer research. She was a compelling champion of health issues and fought a seven year battle with breast cancer.

In honor of Laura and the battle to find a cure for cancer, that artist in the quiet studio created an elegant piece of jewelry for an elegantly strong woman.  Saint Vintage offers “Laura’s Love Link”, a beautiful bracelet of Czech glass beads and a dainty vintage charm. Fifty percent of all the sales made of this bracelet will go directly to Stand Up To Cancer in support of their efforts in ground breaking research.