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Working women know the feeling: alarm goes off, shower, walk to the closet, and reach for the basic black pants, black blazer, white top underneath, moderate height black heels.  At some point after graduating college, nearly everyone gets some variation of the interview suit. It is the same combo you have been reaching for season in and season out. Maybe getting creative is in order. We have a solution to help a girl out.

Accessories! Accessories are a business woman’s best friend. Think of a plain white button down shirt. Now imagine it with this:

Turquoise multi strand beaded necklace: Saint Vintage Collection

Or a Vintage choker Love Wrap

Or a lariat style beaded Love Strand

All of these pieces can be collected from the Saint Vintage Website www.saintvintage.com . You can get a great piece for everyday of the week and check out earrings, rings, and bracelets too! .