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With an eye like a detective she zooms in on the woman’s neck, then her wrist. She takes note and then moves on to the next case study. This time she focuses on the woman’s fingers. By the end of the night she has the information she was looking for and will execute exact application of this knowledge on her next night out on the town.


On the same day across town another woman scours magazines searching for clues that will lead her to the ultimate of satisfaction. She can spend hours noticing every image, tearing out pages, highlighting, collecting, not missing even the tiniest detail. She will outline a plan of attack for her trip to the recommended locations to find the prize.


Who are these women? Just your truest fashionistas doing what they do best. Catching every move on the red carpet and researching the latest fashion magazine. Every style obsessed girl knows that keeping an eye on celebrity jewelry, at the Oscars, MTV awards, Grammy’s, is the best way to predict the trends. And keeping your subscriptions current is vital.


These two women, with the skills and concentration of the best secret double agents, notice that there is a reoccurring guest to the trend party, a style that is timeless, faithful and consistent; Vintage Style.


Red carpets of film festivals are full of vintage dresses, haute couture and vintage jewelry. The appeal of vintage jewelry with its variety of styles, shapes and sizes, gives it mass appeal. You can wear vintage pieces with a formal evening dress and comfy torn jeans. Having withstood the test of time, vintage jewelry is a girl’s tried and true statement piece.


Saint Vintage jewelry designs are influenced by the great Hollywood designers. They look at jewelry styles from each decade and from there create a design that has a relationship with today’s fashion. The pieces link together the best of the past and the present making an eclectic original new look. This combination can be found on the most stylish stars of today. No need for grueling detective work, just shop the Saint Vintage website for the perfect piece of Vintage Style and look like that fashionista you were born to be without all the work.