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 That worn housecoat you have on right now is really a little black dress that fits you perfectly. You are in the kitchen pouring rainbow cereal into plastic kiddie bowls but immerse yourself for a moment. Imagine getting every single piece of jewelry you own and wearing it all at once. Play along, you remember doing it as a little girl and it is time to for that extravagant, excess again. Have bracelets and bangles up your arms, rings on every finger, and layers and layers of beads and necklaces. We are about to celebrate an important event in fashion history.

Street sign at corner of Fifth Avenue and East...

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Move the baby’s highchair to the side and imagine yourself hopping out of an early morning taxi at New York City’s Fifth Avenue. The morning dew is still fresh in the air. You stand outside “The Window”. That dry toast in your hand is transformed into pastry and you sip French coffee. You are having breakfast at Tiffany’s! You are Holly Golightly, a vision, holding coffee in one gloved hand and that long cigarette in the other.


We love Holly and her lavish accessories and the way she makes that perfect piece of jewelry a statement. The Saint Vintage collection has that spirit in mind; statement pieces that are original, timeless, and luxuriously “Holly” worthy.


So go ahead and treat yourself to pastry this morning, dripping in jewels. What is the occasion? This year is the 50th anniversary of the award winning movie, but the real occasion is simply celebrating our love of beautiful things.