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Some may covet sandy beaches, others fall mountain foliage, but not these two girls. They prefer something much more seductive, mysterious and a little bit dangerous. Their adventure begins with a map and a story. Two girls on a mission to get what they want. It may involve getting dirty, visiting some questionable establishments, and haggling with strangers, and that is if they are lucky.

They are traveling the misty NE coast. It’s been said there is an abandoned factory outside town, been vacant for many years. The story goes that this was a jewelry factory in the 1930’s and 40’s. Can you imagine the kind of treasures waiting to be found? This is a dream. Only a few insiders to this industry are privy to information and access and they are honored.

It was everything they could have dreamed of and better; musty, dark, cluttered, and most importantly untouched for decades. Most of what they saw was industrial, benches, some strange tools, and lots of cob webs. There were crates filled with stuff and even some papers lying on counters. Unbelievable that these things have been sitting here waiting for someone to discover them. They were amazed by the story each object had but were still looking for some sign of vintage jewelry pieces.

The guide led them into tiny offices and a large studio area. It was dark, but through the streams of light they could see wooden boxes on shelves. Hearts stopped, they just knew there was something good inside. Trying to stay professional in the excitement, boxes were opened. Inside were rolls of ancient paper stacked neatly. You could feel the age in the thin paper wrapping. The girls unrolled the first package to find absolutely beautiful glass beads. Each package unrolled a different shape, color and texture of bead.  This is what they came for. Later research proved the beads were from Japan during WW2, handmade, and gorgeous, shipped to America so long ago and untouched until today.

The beads traveled to Atlanta Georgia where designer Paige Jansen Nichols of Saint Vintage knows exactly what to do with them. Paige is an expert at locating unique vintage beads and incorporating them into new designs. The materials she uses come from around the world and have a story all their own.  This newest treasure of antique Japanese beads will soon become one- of- a -kind pieces of art. Perhaps they will be turned into a stunning Saint Vintage necklace and purchased by a young bride or a Grandmother who will then pass them along to her granddaughter. The story continues as the beads travel across countries and time.