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ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) -A two-time cancer survivor finds her passion while battling the disease. Instead of letting the diagnosis defeat Paige Jansen-Nichols, it inspired her to help others living with cancer.

Paige began making jewelry while undergoing chemo for colon and kidney cancer.  The “hobby” of hers has evolved and has even caught the eye of fashionable celebrities.

“My favorite piece is called the love strand and I make them in all different colors,” said Jansen-Nichols.

Paige makes every piece of jewelry by hand, putting love into each strand.

“When I make a piece, I know that somebody’s going to buy this. There’s a history behind the necklace,” said Jansen-Nichols.

That history began when doctors diagnosed Paige with both colon and kidney cancer in 2007.

“It was, I don’t get sick. That happens to other people,” said Jansen-Nichols.

The diagnosis and eight months of chemo that followed changed the way she looked at life and cancer. People she met during treatment lost their battles. That’s when Paige chose to make a difference.

“I decided I wanted to do something to help raise funds to find a cure,” said Jansen-Nichols.

And so, Saint Vintage was born.

“How could I use my talents and get creative? And that’s when my jewelry making, which was just a part time hobby, came into play,” said Jansen-Nichols.

She started with vintage pieces she had at home, transforming them into her own creations. Now she works with antique dealers to find the perfect pairings.

“People sometimes think, oh antique, oh vintage, it’s got a certain look and feel to it, but not Saint Vintage, not my jewelry. It doesn’t. I think it’s got a little bit of magic to it,” said Jansen-Nichols.

And her signature style hasn’t gone unnoticed. Some of Hollywood’s fashionable celebrities sport and support her line.

“It’s nice because people believe in the cause and that’s the most important thing,” said Jansen-Nichols.

Saint Vintage has affordable pieces for the average woman, as well as higher priced items. 30-percent of the proceeds from Saint Vintage sales go to charities in support of cancer research. That’s what makes Paige’s heart race.

“Maybe it’s that one piece that actually helps find a cure for cancer, so that kind of gets me excited when I make it. That’s really my motivating factor behind doing this,” said Jansen-Nichols.

Paige has been cancer-free for four years. Besides donating to charity, Paige also recently partnered with Stand-Up to Cancer.

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