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We wanted to know, really, honestly why people give. What makes some of us charitable while others just are not? What is the underlying motivation that drives a person to simply give something voluntarily without the expectation of receiving something in return?

We began the search for answers by trying to gain an understanding of how giving began and evolved in our culture. It turns out that gift giving was more important than we thought. It might have helped early humans survive.  Giving was crucial in the development of relationships and it has been proven that charitable societies thrived while others declined and eventually died out. Our conclusion was that giving must be pretty darn important being life or death.
As you keep that history in mind, think of finding a parking space at the mall, digging through the sale rack to find a size small sweater that you don’t really like that much but the price is good. Standing at the checkout line while a list of things you need to be doing at this very minute runs through your head. You keep checking your list noticing that Uncle Frank‘s name still has a blank by it, what to get?? No time now to rack your brain because you want to beat the traffic. In the car you realize you forgot tape and ribbon and will need to head back to the store tomorrow after work.

Now back to our research. When you study the art of giving you will come across the words charity, philanthropy, and altruism over and over, so we looked into the meaning of these reappearing words. The word “charity” entered the English language through the Latin “caritas” which originally meant preciousness, dearness, high price. Obviously the Greeks must have thought very highly of charite or charity too. The ancient Greek meaning of Philanthropy was “the love of humanity” and was generally associated with “doing good”. Lastly, the word Altruism is defined as a concern for the welfare of others. Basically, it means being extremely generous and pure altruism consists of giving something of value with no expectation of any compensation or benefits.
You can see how the true meaning of things can get lost in the stress and obligations of today’s society, especially around the holidays. It is so easy to lose focus on what gift giving really is. So why do people still give? Do we carry deep in our genetic makeup a gene that drives us to be giving, charitable, altruistic beings?  Well folks the answer is no, not all of us are true givers. It takes a certain personality type to open their heart and understand the meaning behind a gift. Thing is, it is one of the easiest things to do and we are all capable. We will show you how.

People who give are on to a good thing and they know it. Giving gives you power. Giving people are motivated by four basic ideas. Let’s see if any appeal to you.

First, do you want to do something active about a problem or take a stand on a particular issue? Many problems seem too large for any one person to make a difference. Making a donation gives the person personal power over a complex issue that is much larger than themselves.

Second, do you feel strongly about a cause? Many people feel a connection for a cause based on reasons related to their life experiences, most commonly health issues.  By donating and giving they are able to contribute to a cause that they themselves have been affected by or honor loved ones.

The third motivator: Do you want to make a difference? Many people want to make an impact. They want to see a lasting and tangible change as the result of their contribution in the lives of an individual person or group.

Lastly, do you want to feel good? Giving is a good thing to do.  A majority of people believe in the value of giving, subconsciously knowing that it just feels good to give and psychologists have proved it to be true.

We hope that this will inspire you to step up and realize how easy it is to just let go and give. This holiday season think about the history behind giving and how it was vital to our society. We encourage you to find easy ways to give. One idea this holiday season is to shop philanthropic businesses that put effort into making giving easier for everyone. There are small businesses that donate proceeds back to charity for you, working double duty to provide you with beautiful unique gifts and making donations towards a cause through sales. Look for gifts that give, gifts with a story. We at Saint Vintage feel very strongly about our mission to give to cancer research. We want to be a vehicle to make giving easier for everyone who chooses to purchase our jewelry and then cherish that piece not only for its quality and craftsmanship of design but because it will continue the circle of giving…and a little hint:  you can avoid that mall scenario, purchase a gorgeous gift, be charitable, giving, and altruistic all in one quick visit to our website, not bad.