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By now most of you know about our passion and involvement in funding cancer research, but there is another side to Saint Vintage that is also dear to our hearts. We are passionate about being part of a more ethical and sustainable jewelry industry.  We support the ideas of environmentalism and social responsibility that are key to sustainable fashion; where a product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its life span.

This may sound way more complicated than it needs to be. For us, being green is the beauty behind our designs. Saint Vintage Jewelry is born from a bevy of antique and reclaimed vintage medals, filigree, clasps, chains, and heirlooms. Our beads and charms come from around the world and places of yore.  We collect and locate treasures to incorporate into creations that define resourceful material usage.  With our help you can be green and environ conscious with beautiful antique and recycled baubles dripping off your neckline, ears, and wrists. Each design has a past, a history, and one more round of unique storytelling.

Aware customers make informed choices. Luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost. We love our fans and work diligently to produce the highest quality of craftsmanship so that our pieces will be cherished and passed down from generations.  When someone adds a Saint Vintage piece to their collection they are purchasing a recycled piece of the past that was made to help the future. Every piece sold helps to fund cancer research.  Our customers are intelligent, ecofriendly, style conscious, consumers with a heart.