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We would like to take the time to acknowledge our younger collectors. Saint Vintage has a following of beautiful young women who appreciate great fashion and individual style. They tell us that trends today are about avoiding the trend. They choose to establish an individual style; to always wear something a little unexpected, and it works. Young celebrities know this advice all too well. Maria Menounos, Emma Roberts, Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, and Hayden Panettiere are just a few of the young fashionistas hooked on classic vintage style. (Shown below wearing Saint Vintage pieces.)

















What is old is new again. Nostalgic pieces like Letter Jackets, Boho Bags, and chunky heels have inspired young girls to shop for vintage designs. One can combine a vintage item with a new style like skinny jeans and your same old look takes on new meaning. The key is mixing styles. It is not necessary that the accessories match your outfit. The only rule is to make it interesting, finding unique, one-of-a-kind designs is the goal. The girls are inclined toward long necklaces, pendants, layering, and lots of color.

(These pieces are from the Saint Vintage Rings and Royalty Collection)






These young girls are internet savvy and intelligent consumers. They are excited about the retro look while staying politically “Green”. The concepts of reclaiming antique and found pieces and remixing them has become quite the passion for many eco fashion forward young shoppers. They look for businesses and designers that give back. They believe in smart purchases that pay it forward while providing great style.

Saint Vintage admires the young girls of today and we love to see them wearing our designs and telling their friends. Remember a guideline is not a rule, be yourself. Creativity is beautiful. And know that you can make a difference with your choices. Continue to support small business that care, give back, and provide great quality.