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Yes, this is a true story. You decide if it is romantic, Valentine worthy or not. Sometimes the greatest love stories are a little unconventional and full of good scandal and gossip. We thought we would share one with you and encourage you to share yours.

Once upon a time there was a womanizing man. He was the air to the throne of a very powerful and rich country. He held much responsibility and had his future laid out before him. Across the ocean was a beautiful socialite. Although she had married twice, and had numerous affairs, she still had not found true love.

The man was given a country home where he threw parties and entertained many friends including a variety of women that he dated. His affair at the time ironically introduced him to the flirtatious socialite. They quickly began their own affair against all odds; and there were many odds. To begin with she was still married to her second husband and he was jeopardizing the relationship with the royal family, thus endangering his succession as king, ultimately letting down the people of his country.

What kind of spark must have occurred between these two famous people in history? The waters began to boil when the time came for the prince to become king.  The woman became demonized by the people as the divorcee who scandalized their country and lured their prince from the throne. He was ostracized by literally everyone. The press publicized the unconstitutional relationship. The rumors flew, there was talk of information being passed to the Nazis, that they were spies, and that the woman was really a man!

The pressure and scandal became too great. The king made a radio broadcast where he told the nation that he had abdicated the throne! He found he could not “discharge the duties of king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.”  The people were shocked.He made the sacrifice. The couple left their family, friends, countries, everything behind.  They felt rootless and “homeless on the face of the earth”, renting and borrowing houses until there could be no possible doubt that returning to their homeland was out of the question.

The two were married until death did them part many years later. The ex King died with his wife by his side. His name was Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor. She was Wallis Simpson, an American Socialite from New England. Are they an example of unconventional love against all odds or an immoral reckless couple? What is your view?