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We are all about dressing up, make up, and accessorizing with beautiful earrings and necklaces but… sometimes we like to get down-n- dirty.  Health and prevention is a huge part of our mission as a company so we have a suggestion that involves a lot of mud, a group of friends, and a nice long, hot shower when you are finished. Plus we guarantee it will be some of the dirtiest fun you have ever had for your health.

 With so many women focusing on their health and physical fitness this time of year, we thought we would step out of the box, or gym, and try something new. Maybe try to jump start that New Year’s resolution motivation you had back in January. Open your mind for a second and consider this:

Have you ever seen a kid playing in the dirt? Watched them making dirt cakes and mud pies, and covering themselves in it? It seems that we have an infatuation with mud from an early age. Well, we have found a perfectly acceptable way for grown-ups to roll around in squishy, gooey, muddy messes while improving their health ( and possibly helping a charity) . And no it is not a luxurious mud bath or facial.

Let me set the scene. There are hay bales involved and mud holes, walls, trenches, and ropes.  You will see a lot of running, walking, jumping, swimming, crawling, and climbing. Starting to sound like a workout now? There is also camaraderie, laughing, self- esteem building, charity, and memory making. It is actually coined as “the craziest frickin day of your life” and no matter where you run you are going to get muddy. You are at a Mud Run! They are held across the country and many are sponsored by wonderful charities.

Yes, pigs wallow in it. But there are a multitude of benefits in mud and I am going to give you the dirt. Let’s put aside for a moment the physical fitness benefit of this event and focus on the mud itself. Mud contains minerals, nutrients, and trace elements that can be easily absorbed by the skin. It can detoxify and tone your face and body. So, while you are slugging through the trenches you will also be unclogging your pores and smoothing your complexion.

Another surprising muddy fact is that studies have shown dirt to be a natural anti-depressant. There are bacteria found in soil that activate the neurons responsible for producing serotonin. So medically speaking mud can literally make you happy. Add that to the endorphins you feel during exercise and it is a win win.

Mud Runs are hosted by a number of organizations and held in every state. We have listed a few for you below. The events are a great way to challenge yourself, get social, be involved in a charity, or give you a reason to train. Saint Vintage is all about research, staying healthy, and giving back. We encourage you to challenge yourself.  If you are looking for a fresh option in your workout routine remember the dirt.



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