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I would like to preface with a disclaimer. The following information is purely personal and there was no thorough research or checking of facts involved. We openly accept all criticism and comments that will enhance the ultimate goal; to have a nice day. This is about making yourself happy with preventative good health in mind, one small step at a time. Happiness is good medicine no matter who you are.

It all sparked from a very deep question.  Stress, sadness  and anger can overwhelm a person. Life brings so many challenges.  Some days just seem so hard. This is a very unhealthy state to be in and a major contributor to disease. “What do I want from life?” “Well…I want to be happy.” At times this appears unreachable. How can you feel happy when so many negative things are thrown at you? Everyone has heard the advice “start small and set reachable goals”, so that is what I did. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? It was just going to be a little experiment anyway. My goal was to force myself to have one happy day. Regardless of my mood or circumstances I would set my mind on being happy. Sounds exhausting right?

Don’t get me wrong, I am an overall blessed and thankful person who enjoys life. But so many of us forget how easy it is to feel joy and simple bliss daily. Our health as a population has declined and much is due to lifestyle and events beyond our control.  I decided to begin a very nonscientific study of happiness.  At the end of the day, I can say I did find some things that worked. I made myself happier and along the way I learned a lot about how to be happy when things are not going as planned.

The day began with a “Fake it till you Feel it” approach. Literally forcing myself to smile and look happy. Even when talking on the phone. Sound ridiculous? Well, it is, but believe it or not it started working very quickly. Yes, I smiled…and people smiled back. I found myself saying thank you, giving complements, wishing people “good day” and positive responses came my way. Even when there was no response I still felt better for saying it and putting it out there. I was sort of creating my own personal wall of positivity that surrounded me. I was in a better mood overall, which is a small start. Remember baby steps.

I was doing something new. Smiling and greeting strangers was not comfortable to me. However, it was really easy and that brought a feeling of accomplishment. I stepped out of my box and felt like I could try other new things. My self-confidence got a teeny tiny boost. No matter how small, still a boost in the positive direction.

The little boost in confidence and the positive vibe led to a surprising glimmer of self-esteem. I decided to treat myself nicely. No negative talking in my head and maybe give myself something special that I deserved. Self-depriving really is unnecessary. I pulled into the drugstore that was right there and bought lip gloss; $3.99. Amazing the lift I felt when I put it on.  This made me laugh at myself. Another symptom of happiness: laughter.

So far I had collected a small dose of unexpected positive mind set, self-confidence, self-appreciation, and laughter. Things I hadn’t been looking for but obviously were silently missing in what would have been my normal day. The simple decision to force that smile on my face had started a ripple effect.  I was feeling happy. What I was doing different was taking notice of my inner voice and listening with a positive ear; then taking the time to deliberately react, being nice to myself. Normally I am too rushed to give myself so much attention. But in the end I was more productive. I had lost no time in my day.

The result of my experiment showed me that I did have some power and control over my happiness. My guess would be that a self-respecting, confident, positive person is much better equipped to handle the negative realities that come our way. One would think that with practice this mind set would become stronger and therefore easy and routine; the norm.  After all, it was only one day. No one can feel constant happiness but a sense of knowing you can control your emotions, even a tiny little bit at first, should be a step toward healthier living.

Saint Vintage is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer through funding research. We strongly believe in preventative action and healthy living.  Remember, as our experiment proved, buying yourself something pretty every once in a while is good for your health. If you go with Saint Vintage you will be treating yourself well and helping others …Have a Lovely Day!