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This blog comes to you in a series of Saint Vintage’s efforts to promote healthy living. Love is a signature theme for us so we thought we would focus on it for a while. No one needs to tell you that love is a good thing, but here are just a few reminders of why it is so healthy:

You know you want it; that profoundly tender, passionate affection. You wouldn’t mind a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, or desire.  It is a scientific fact that if you love more, whether it is self-love, romantic love, friendship, or family, you will be happier. Love has power. So get your hands on it and create more, more, more!

Is it intimacy, an evolutionary drive to prolong the species, hormones gone wild? From a literal point of view love is a force of nature. But from a medical point of view it can be an inherently free health remedy. Some experts think it won’t be long before doctors prescribe steamy sex and romantic getaways alongside low-cholesterol diets and plenty of rest. There is a hormone called oxytocin, sometimes known as the “cuddle chemical” that has a potent effect on our vascular health. The release of this hormone lowers resting blood pressure. But really all you need to know is that it feels good.

As the saying boasts, “Love makes the world go ‘round”, but scientists have long been busy proving that love gives us many vital health benefits, as well, beyond the obvious advantage of always having a date for New Year’s Eve. Apparently Love’s potion can lower blood pressure, reduced depression, relieve stress, and speed the healing of an injury just to name a few. Studies have found that women in good marriages have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease, so having a loving husband who will tell you that you look sexy, even in flannel nightgown and fuzzy slippers, can also help you live longer.

Wonder Woman doesn’t have to be the only one with super powers. Having love in your life will improve it in more ways than can be known. People who embrace love see each moment, each challenge, each person as an opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world around them. That is the power of love.