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Be Beautiful Inside & Out with Saint Vintage

available at saintvintage.com

Introducing a new series called ‘Yes, Please, Always!’ We start with New Rules.  Spring is all about rebirth, renewing our selves, our wardrobe, our mind, our diet, our lives. That is why we want to start with the basics and outline a whole new rule book of ‘Yes, Please, Always’ worthy entries.

Let us begin with a few simple rules.  Promises we will remind ourselves.  As we move forward in our quest for a more harmonious, beautiful, little bubble that we live in use these ‘Rules’ to kick your outfit, and perhaps something that is even more important, your perspective, into high gear.

We start with the most basic; a simple rule that is somehow presently lost on many of us: Get Up & Get Ready!  Most all of us get up and get going, but I mean taking that extra step.

New Rule № 1.  Say it with me.  “I will drink a glass of water before I put anything in my mouth.”  A solemn vow that will become your best friend in Habit Land.  This little gem of a commitment is life changing and waistline changing!  Often times we mistake hunger for thirst.  What’s more is that this habit is also great for your skin.  The most important thing we can do is drink more water.  Imposing this ‘rule’ we effectively hydrate and prevent overeating at the same time.

New Rule № 2.  Top-off Your Outfit.  Even if you already have your power suit or your jeans and tee picked out the night before, take the next step and indulge yourself in your jewelry.  Don’t fret that you have become so used to keeping it in the jewelry box, just start wearing it.  That extra sparkle on your wrist can be your reminder that you deserve beautiful things. (We suggest the Amethyst Bay Bracelet that we could literally pair with anything.)  Never worry that you wear your favorite pieces “too much.”  There’s no such thing!  Every time you look at your piece of jewelry you will smile, love yourself, and glow inside and out.

Next, we will all be served to get a little more uncomfortable; at least for the warm seasons.

New Rule № 3.  It is time that we leave the most comfortable shoes at home and opt to leave the house is a decidedly, less Lodgey look.  If you have to, hide your Uggs from yourself.  Since we are not immune to the lustrous warmth that fluffy-furry slippers provide we will insist that their use is limited to after-shower/pre-dressing times only which should be limited because starting now we are going to Get Up & Get Ready.

Set these new Rules into motion and quickly you will notice that your spirits are higher, you will smile more often, and even be more calm.  These are the feelings we want to have; yes, please, always!