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Crystal Clear Love Strand by Saint Vintage

Glass Love Drops by Saint Vintage

Simple Essentials List for summer 2012: Sunhats & Sunscreen & some Sparkle.

Simplicity is the name of our Game this summer 2012.  For your getaways and sunnydays, the warm weather Essentials List has been narrowed to: sunscreen, sunhats, and some sparkle (we prefer the nautical Cobalt Love Tassel by Saint Vintage pictured below).

Waterside daydreams and backyard grilling both require a relaxed mind and a fun casual style.  We know this isnt always the easiest task so we have devised a simple tactic for you to deploy whenever you get anxious: start by caring a bit less.

The idea of good, clean, living requires that we keep simplicity paramount.  In that vein we must commit to resist the tempation to bring our entire summer collection; instead opt for a weekender duffel.  The best way to pack is to fill half with toiletries (sunscreen by pca.com weightless protection spf 45). One quarter is devoted to comfortable maxi dresses to wear with heels and jewelry at night, hair up; and in the morning for breakfast with beachy waves in your locks.  The remaining and most significant quarter is reserved exclusively for bathing suits, lingerie, and refined yet fun Saint Vintage sparkle.

The perfect summer day look is so easy to pull off, but you must remember to keep it simple.  Simple doesn’t mean plain.  Simple actual means smart.  After your morning shower, put a conditioning treatment in your hair, bun it and place an award winning sunhat on your head.  Protect your precious decolletage with your hat and your eyes with your sunglasses.

The sun hat is genius for a number of reasons.  First, the hat and sunglasses combo renders you unavailable at large and puts you in the driver’s seat.  If you want to dive into your summer novel sans chatty tanning neighbors, put your shades with your hat and be destraction free for hours.

This is also the time of year to infuse your wardrobe with the small tokens of summer that we wear well into the fall (sunglasses, scarves, sandals, and sparkle all come to mind).   When it is time for some real summer loving we want to remind you to set your teddy off with Love Drops hanging from both ears.  The sparkle on each side of your face will make your eyes sparkle in the moonlight, an irresistable and timeless combination.

Wear a statement necklace with a fresh, long linen scarf over your bikini.  This combonation will keep you comfortable all day, even when the cool breeze blows after sunset.  The length of the scarf should fall near your hips relieving you of any uncomfortable body fears.

What could be more simple than being more carefree?  Exactly!  Caring less will allow you the freedom to infuse your everyday life with unusual or out of the ordinary choices.    For example, the next time you get dressed for a warm day, put on items that feel good.  With the bright days and hot temperatures there is no space for a worry that something matches.  If it feels right, it will certainly look right.

Let your carefree mind run free in your closet.  Have a happy heart knowing that everything in your closet works.  If you are breathing you should be smiling, and you should feel great; and you will in whatever you are wearing.  So have fun with it.  Wear jewelry, smile a ton and laugh extra loud if you find yourself outside.  You could care, but you are choosing to care less, for yourself.  This will result in a calm sensibility, which is very, very cool.

The abundance of bright beautiful days filled with waterside daydreams and exotic flavors are upon us.  Celebrate your passion, energy, and the natural wonders in every local you find yourself.  Cheers and safe travels.

Cobalt Love Tassel by Saint Vintage