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The summer heat is on!  We have tracked down inspiring dresses and paired it with our must have jewelry.  Take a look at the hottest styles.  

Cool summer nights await and the Saint Vintage Cascade of Love Lures statement necklace is the ideal investment piece.  This gorgeous, varied blue tone is lightweight and contemporary without being gaudy.  The weight of the chain is light, our model could not believe how much fun she was having with her necklace. After the shoot she said, “I feel like I would wear this with a bikini or a scarf!” We agree! 


Amazing jewelry is a great conversation starter.  You always have something to talk about when you are wearing beautiful buys that represent your commitment to healthy happy lives.  These pieces become more than accessories.  They become a symbol of positivity.  There is something quite comforting and easy about great jewelry.  

Wearing jewelry that is from a Green Company that funds research with a motto, “We Will Find A Cure” for cancer is a confidance builder!  We love telling people about smart ideas and sharing great style.  You can always share the idea that Founder Paige Jansen-Nichols has championed: ʻGive Backʼ.

ImageImageImageImageImageWe turn our attention westward for style notes and trends this summer.  The maxi dress is still the most alluring must have.  The maxi dress is now a staple and we will not see the departure of long skirts any time soon.  These dresses are versatile and with their flowey effect every body type looks dainty in these dresses.  Tricks of the celebrities include alterations, such as shortening the dress to accommodate your favorite heels.  ImageThe versatility of the maxi is ideal for jewelry hounds like us who know the power of changing up your accessories and shoes. For day, you can wear your hair down light makeup and wedges with 3-6 of our Love Cures Collection for a fun flirty and cool travel outfit.  You will be lovely with sun glasses and a care-free attitude.  At night, get your glam on with extra eye-liner and lipstick.  Trade the casual wedge in for a stiletto heel, use your night clutch and transform your day maxi into an elegant, romantic dinner dress with the finishing touch of earrings from the Saint Vintage Love Drops Collection.   ImageImage

We are loving the pale colors for nails.  Pale is the new black.  Its vibrant and surprisingly unjuvinelle.  Try it for yourself, we were as surprised as anyone. Turn your digits into little drops of candy colored perfection with interesting nail colors.Image