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St. Patrick’s Day is a Holiday that is celebrated worldwide on the 17th day of March each year. Usually St. Patrick’s Day is associated with Leprechauns, Four Leaf Clovers, Rainbows/Pots of Gold and of course the color GREEN! Celebrate a wee bit of the Irish with our St Patrick’s Day accessories. The best part is, you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy wearing green jewelry, and green is the perfect color to wear year round! So make the most of your ‘investment’ with Saint Vintage jewelry!


A great piece that has incredibly stunning shades of green is the Valerian Love Cures Bracelet. From light to almost dark green, this is truly a stunning piece of arm candy. If you are looking for a more subtle look in a bracelet, the Lady Luck Bracelet is an excellent choice with its combination of stunningly beautiful green flowers.


What a lot of people forget about is green isn’t the only color that represents St. Patrick’s Day, orange is as well! (Green, Orange and White) Spice things up a little this holiday (and refresh your friends/families memories with St. Patrick’s Day colors) with the ORANGE Siesta Key Love Strand. Not much of a necklace person, then the Orange & Green petite Fleur Bracelet is a great option for you. Wrap your wrist in this sure to adore link!


For other great selections of Saint Vintage inspired St. Patrick’s Day pieces, check out the Green is for St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board. And don’t forget to shop the collection today!