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Happy Wednesday! Are you busy with your big holiday preparations? Got the grill ready, have a spare propane tank or bag of charcoal? Pie dough chilling in the fridge? Know where to get ice tomorrow for the cooler?

Most folks usually have their entire menu already set by now. But if you have room on your list for one or two new drink recipes to try, we thought we’d tempt you with these. First up, a favorite: a Fresh Margarita. It’s quite potent, so resist the urge to gulp it down. But if there is a margarita lover in your life, make this and blow them away. marg

Or if you prefer something creamy and sinful-tasting in a chocolaty way, try this great twist on a campfire favorite: S’mores Martini. Chocolate, creme de cacao, cream, roasted marshmallows, graham crackers … it’ll take you back to your childhood while making you feel very, very grateful you’re an adult and above the legal drinking age.

smoresAnd don’t forget if you want to celebrate the great American holiday with style, here are some great jewelry inspired by stars, stripes and fireworks!

Our Cabos Love Cures Bracelet will make for a truly stunning piece of arm candy this holiday with its bright blues. Or want to stand out in elegant red?  Our Padparadscha Love Drop Earrings are just for you! Or just be laid back and simple this holiday with our Hayden Love Drop Earrings.


Whatever you’re planning for libations, here’s hoping you have a fun—and safe!—holiday!

n  The Saint Vintage Team