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For those of you who did not know, for this entire month, we celebrate Women’s History Month. Everything that has happened in history that was started by or lead by women, we remember and honor this month.
Overcoming and concurring many obstacles, women are incredible strong as a whole and even stronger when we (men and women) stand together. This year, as we celebrate all achievements women have made in the past, let’s put a special focus to those who have battled cancer, are currently battling cancer, have fallen to cancer, beaten cancer, and even those who have supported someone else with their cancer.
Cancer does not care if you are a man or women, so this month we not only celebrate the women who were affected by cancer, but the men too who were by their side and vice versa. Celebrate this special month with Saint Vintage. Join us in the fight against cancer so the history of women accomplishing great things can continue on for generations to come.