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As we say good-bye to the month of May, we welcome with open arms (that are covered in sunscreen) the month of June!

What does June have in store for us? Well, the most obvious and anticipated, start of summer! Saturday, June 21st, is the first day of summer. But what about the 18 or so days before summer begins? Much like May was National Brain Cancer and National Melanoma Cancer awareness month; June is home to National Cancer Survivors month. In fact, June 1st was National Cancer Survivors Day!

Our founder, Paige, is a two-time cancer survivor! She was given a 20% chance of survival with more than one cancer diagnosis and decided to begin blazing her fashionable and philanthropic trail in 2007. She has channeled her insistence for a cure for cancer and compassion for others into an eco-friendly luxury brand that gives back to cancer research.


Who will you celebrate this June for being a cancer survivor? A family member, a friend, yourself… It could be anyone!

As we celebrate those who have beaten cancer, we never forget those who did not, or are currently battling cancer now. Help make a difference in someone’s life by purchasing a bracelet from our Love Cures collection where 50% of profits goes to Stand Up to Cancer to help fund cancer research.

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