And just like that, it’s July!

What does the month of July have in store for us? Well for starters, today is July 4th, so that means: Happy Independence Day everyone! Probably one of the most colorful (and loudest) holidays there is. Hopefully everyone is enjoying a nice, long weekend while remembering the background of the holiday.

July has much more in store for us the rest of the month too. For the entire month of July we celebrate two types of cancer awareness. First is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, be sure to wear a combination of the colors, marigold, blue and purple to help spread awareness and show your support.  Second is Sarcoma Awareness Month, be sure to wear yellow to help spread awareness and show your support.


Doing the simplest of things could help impact the lives of millions. This is why the bracelets featured in the picture above which are all from our Love Cures Collection, 50% of their profits go to Stand Up to Cancer to help fund cancer research.

As we enter even hotter weather, also keep in mind that July is UV Safety Month. Spread awareness and especially protect yourself against the dangers of the sun like melanoma cancer.

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