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Robert F. Kennedy is quoted as saying, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” Here at Saint Vintage, we have made the idea behind that statement the driving force of our company. Paige Jansen-Nichols has dedicated her life to giving back after she was diagnosed with cancer – not once, but twice.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Paige recognizes the immediate importance of raising awareness to the effects of cancer so that we can continue to fight for a cure. So, in 2007, she founded Saint Vintage and made it her mission to combine her past, passions, and philanthropic spirit with her hope for a brighter future and began creating one-of-a-kind jewelry to sell to you.

This jewelry is unique because Paige incorporates antique and vintage pieces into her collections. This idea originally stemmed from her love for art, fashion, and history. However, using antique and vintage pieces also symbolizes her desire to recycle the past to help improve the future of cancer prevention. When you wear your Saint Vintage jewelry, our hope is that our pieces will be a constant reminder of how important it is to love and to live mindfully.

Perhaps even more unique than the accessories that go into creating our jewelry is that Paige has committed to donate 50% of all sales of her Loves Cures collection to Stand Up for Cancer! This organization funds all types of cancer research and when you purchase one of our Love Cures bracelets you help to support this amazing cause.

Our Love Cures collection features a variation of pieces that are perfect for any collection. These bracelets are diverse in both style and color, but all promise you a stand-out piece that you will never want to take off. Even better than being fashion-forward is having a story behind what you are wearing!

Here is one Love Cures bracelet that is both classic and trendy:

With September being Cancer Awareness Month, it is important to have hope for a brighter future as we or someone we know deal with the effects of cancer. Our Providence Hope Love Cures bracelet features an antique anchor, which serves as a reminder of hope and strength. Wear your support on your wrist and when people ask – and they will – share your story!

Also, share your story with us! Tag us in your photos wearing your Saint Vintage jewelry and share your love with us on Instagram.

When you purchase our Love Cures bracelets, you could be wearing the piece that funds research for the cure for cancer! Be a part of the fight, because no one can do it alone.