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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Around 16,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer within the next year, which makes childhood cancer the leading cause of death in children. Standing behind each one of these kids is a mother who’s life (at the exact moment she learned of her child’s diagnosis) has been dedicated to the support of her child as they both partake on the journey that cancer has forced upon their families. These mother’s possess a strength, courage, and dedication that is beyond what many others will ever have to endure in their lifetime.

These inspiring individuals deserve to be recognized, which is why every year – since 2005 – there is a luncheon that is held in their honor. It has been appropriately called “A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes.” This event honors the love and dedication that drives these mothers to steer their families through difficult times. Their child’s battle with cancer is also their battle, so this is a day for these quiet heroes to feel rewarded for all the mental and physical trials that have now become a part of their daily lives. More than 1,400 mothers have been honored so far and the number of attendants continues to grow each year!

A Tribute To Our Quiet Heroes has raised a substantial amount of funds that have been donated to support childhood cancer research at leading hospital’s nationwide. So far, they have raised over $2.5 million dollars for research! Involved with this luncheon is an organization called CURE that has made it their mission to save lives since they were established in 1975.

Through their passion and efforts, CURE has had a hand in increasing the survival rates of children diagnosed with cancer from 10% to 80%! However, they realized they were not satisfied with anything less than 100%. For this reason, they have made it their mission to focus more heavily on the importance of cancer research. They are convinced that childhood cancer can be cured in our lifetime, so, in order for this to be possible, we need to continue to raise awareness and help fight back against cancer through funding cancer research.

Saint Vintage wants to honor both these mothers AND organizations in September! During the luncheon, we will be donating one gift from the Saint Vintage Couture collection to each mother that is in attendance as a way to show our support and love for their never-ending courage. Additionally, in the month of September, we will be uploading even more gold jewelry to our website for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of ALL sales on our gold jewelry will be donated right back to the CURE foundation!







One person cannot stand up to cancer alone. We hope you will shop our collections and wear your gold in support. Join us in the fight against cancer by giving back and funding cancer research!

For more information you can check out: http://quietheroes.org/ and http://www.curechildhoodcancer.org/.