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If you’ve been following us throughout October, you know that we have been raising awareness for breast cancer research with our pink accessories. Every pink item that we sold online this month donated 50% of proceeds to support cancer research organizations!

And we got so much support from our followers! We truly do have the best fans ever.

Here are a few images of our supporters who proudly wore their pink in honor of those who have ever been affected by breast cancer. Some are wearing their Saint Vintage, while others took a photo of the accessory they purchased:

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We even sent Amber N. Marchese from The Real Housewives of New Jersey some of our pink accessories as she undergoes her second breast cancer diagnosis!

She took this lovely photo (left) when they arrived in the mail!

If you are a first-time reader of our blog, we want to thank you for checking out our brand! If you would like to get involved and give back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is still time!

We always have pink jewelry available on our online store, but there are only 2 days left to get FREE shipping when you spend over $75! Just use SV4BCA at checkout.

Our limited-edition handcrafted October Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet will also only be available for 2 more days. We are offering a special deal for this special accessory – FREE shipping on every purchase with code THINKPINK. Don’t wait to get yours (whether it’s for you or a gift for a breast cancer warrior that you know)!

While October might be over soon, we would still love to see a photo of you wearing our pink jewelry! We always share these photos with our followers to show off our fans making a stylish difference. You can either tag @SaintVintage in your picture, or use hashtag #SaintVintage.

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