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We have been celebrating everything fall-inspired since the weather started to change, and, soon, we will be sharing fashion and jewelry inspiration for the winter months. However, we also celebrate cancer awareness every month as well. In November, it is lung cancer.

We just uploaded our handcrafted Lung Cancer Awareness Bracelet to our online store and can’t wait to see all of our fans who purchase the bracelet to support lung cancer research! The white glass beads that we used to create this bracelet are a reminder of the white ribbon that represents lung cancer awareness.

lung cancer awareness month bracelet

When you wear one of our cancer awareness bracelets, not only are you raising awareness for the disease, but you are also supporting cancer research. Every Lung Cancer Awareness Bracelet that we sell donates 50% of proceeds to various cancer research organizations that work hard to find a cure every day.

Lung cancer research is not very well-funded and the 5-year survival rate is only 16.8%. That number needs to increase! That is why we have made it our mission to use our jewelry to help increase the funds that are put into lung cancer research!

Last year, we were able to raise a total of $100,000 for cancer research. This year? We want that number to double! Our goal is to raise $200,000! But we can’t do that without you!

Every accessory that we have available online donates 50% of proceeds to cancer research. So shop white for lung cancer, or shop any color that inspires you. We have a color for every cause!

If you order one of our accessories, we would love to see you wearing it! Upload a picture to your favorite social media platform and tag @SaintVintage (or use #SaintVintage) so we can see it and share it with our followers!