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Every woman needs at least one pair of good earrings, but let’s be honest – it should really be a few good pairs to mix and match for different outfit combinations and occasions.

Lucky for you, our Love Drops Collection is nothing but handcrafted treasures, inspired by vintage design and made to last.

What makes our earrings so special? They are affordable! And, not only that, but, for every pair that we sell, we donate 50% of proceeds to a cancer research organization.

Every time you wear our Love Drops out, you are not only making a fashionable statement, but you are making a difference in the lives of those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, so if cervical cancer awareness is close to your heart, we have some beautifully designed teal Love Drops available online:

clara love dropslondon blue love drops

Or is there another type of cancer that has affected you or someone you know? We have a color for every cause. You can see our full collection online here.

Here are some other designs that are very popular with our followers:


Like any of the looks you saw above? You can click on each image and shop the earrings directly online!

Sparkle for a cause and give back with our jewelry for a cause. If you stand up to cancer in our jewelry, take a picture and take #SaintVintage so we can share how you are making a stylish difference!