It is with a broken heart that we share the news of the passing of one of our good friends. Stacie passed away yesterday after a long journey with cancer. We are devastated at this sudden news, but we are remembering Stacie for the love and laughter that she spread to everyone that was around her. That is how we choose to carry on her legacy.


Stacie leaves behind a husband, Mike, and two beautiful children. They currently have a fundraiser page open for anyone who wishes to help support them financially during this difficult time. There is no amount too small! Please consider donating to this cause that is so close and dear to our hearts.

To donate to Stacie’s family, click here.

Stacie’s cancer originally started in her breasts, which is why we want to push how important it is to schedule routine mammograms. But we would also like to raise awareness for a ground-breaking technological advancement that was developed by Dr. Kevin Kelly.

Dr. Kevin Kelly knew that sometimes, mammograms are not enough to detect breast cancer. So, he introduced something called the SonoCiné system. This, when used in addition to a traditional mammogram, helps to detect cancerous legions at their earliest/most treatable stages, no matter how dense the tissue in the breast is.

The more that women know about this new technology, the more that we can start eliminating undiagnosed cases of breast cancer! You can learn more about the SonoCiné system here. Make sure to spread the word to your family and friends!