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Have you ever been personally affected by kidney or colon cancer? Or have you watched someone else fight one of these serious illnesses?

We have seen far too many individuals suffer the effects of kidney and colon cancer and we have made it our mission to do what we can to help this disease from ruining the lives of others.

Did you know that every single piece of jewelry available in our online store donates 50% of proceeds to various cancer research organizations?

This past year, we started selling handmade bracelets inspired by the ribbon colors of the different types of cancer. These bracelets are meant to be special accessories that represent the story, journey, and battle of individuals who have personally felt the side-effects that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Our Kidney Cancer Awareness Bracelet is a beautiful, bold orange color. It features a Swarovski crystal circular charm, as well as an original Saint Vintage tag with the word “Love” engraved on the back. To get a closer look at this bracelet, click the image!


Our Colon Cancer Awareness Bracelet is also bold – handcrafted from antique royal blue beads. It also features a circular charm, but it is adorned with striking blue and orange crystals. Next to that is the signature Saint Vintage tag (also engraved with the word “Love” on the other side).

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Wear these one-of-a-kind bracelets and wear your story with pride! These bracelets also make a touching tribute to a loved one you want to honor who passed away from kidney or colon cancer.

We hope that you join us in raising awareness! Every purchase you make gives back to cancer research so that, every day, we can get one step closer to finding the cure for cancer!