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In April, our color of hope is periwinkle for those who have been and who will be diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

This year, it is estimated that 16,910 adults will be diagnosed with esophageal cancer – 13,460 of those individuals are estimated to be men, with 3,450 of that statistic being women. Our team believes that number is too high, so we decided to do something that will eventually decrease that number, or at least increase the number of esophageal survivors!

We have handcrafted this one-of-a-kind bracelet using special periwinkle beads and brass charms – one adorned with Swarovski crystals and the other displaying the word “Love” to serve as a reminder of what our bracelet stands for.


Our Esophageal Cancer Awareness Bracelet donates 50% of proceeds to esophageal cancer research with every purchase. The more we can spread awareness for this terrible disease, the more money that we can donate to cancer research efforts!

Have you been personally affected by esophageal cancer? Have you previously dealt with or are you currently dealing with your own personal diagnosis? Or do you have a family member or loved one who went through their own battle with esophageal cancer?

Get or give a bracelet of hope! Wear your own journey around your wrist as a reminder of strength and love, or show someone you support them by wearing this bracelet daily.


If you wear our Esophageal Cancer Awareness Bracelet, take a picture! Share the story behind it and tag us (@SaintVintage) so that we can share it with our followers.