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Have you ever experienced a monumental tragedy that inspired you to create a mission to make a difference?

We all experience tragedies, whether it’s a personal hardship or one affecting a loved one, yet not everyone uses those tragedies to project themselves into changing the world for the better (although we may want to). One of those people is Kristin Connor.


Kristin is currently the Executive Director of CURE Childhood Cancer, a childhood cancer research organization dedicated to funding important medical advancements to help find a cure. In 2001, Kristin’s second son was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Seeing her son suffer triggered Kristin to make an important life change; she knew she needed to work hard to ensure that children and their families no longer had to suffer at the hands of childhood cancer.

Kristin’s son is now cancer-free and Kristin is using that as an even greater reason to continue investing in the cure. Her passion and drive have helped CURE increase their revenue by over 400% in the last ten years!

Her efforts with CURE have set her apart in this world and she is being recognized for all that she has done. Just recently, Kristin was honored as a 2016 Womenetics POW! Award recipient! Seeing Kristin pave the way for childhood cancer research is what inspires our own mission.

We are so thankful that we can help Kristin on this journey! For every piece of jewelry we sell on our online store, we donate 50% of proceeds to a cancer research organization. CURE is one of the foundations that we proudly help support!

If you would like to give back, get an accessory of hope that you can wear every day as a reminder of love. With your purchase of one of our accessories, you know that you are making a difference in the life of someone else. Your purchase could help fund the cure for cancer!