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When it comes to raising awareness for cancer, we believe that every single cause… every single Cancer Awareness Month… is so important. But June holds such a special place in our hearts because it is dedicated to survivors; to celebrating hope, overcoming challenges, and, more importantly, life.

Every June, we celebrate Cancer Survivor Month because it is those who have coped with a life-changing cancer diagnosis first-hand who will often become the biggest advocates for change!

Our founder, Paige Jansen-Nichols, received a harrowing cancer diagnosis and 20% chance of survival – not once, but twice! – and, now cancer-free, uses her experience to merge philanthropy with beautiful accessories to help fund cancer research! She believes in the power of cancer research and hopes that these contributions help to increase the survival rate among others who are (and will be) diagnosed with cancer. That mission is what Saint Vintage is built upon. To read more, click here.


Do you want to commemorate your journey with an accessory of strength, courage, hope, and love? We handcrafted a beautiful lavender bracelet that represents this overcoming – this promise to keep moving forward, to see the beauty in life, and to, now, give back to those who need it more than you.


With every purchase of this bracelet, we will donate 50% of proceeds to a cancer research organization across the United States that works tirelessly every day to find the cure.

As always, we ask that, if you purchase one of these bracelets, you take a picture and share your story! We would love to use your journey to inspire others to support the cause, raise awareness for cancer research, and help fund cancer research! Just tag @saintvintage on your favorite social media platform so we can see it and share it with our followers.

If you are a cancer survivor, please celebrate yourself this month. You have lived through experiences that many people will not understand and that alone is reason to be proud of where you are today!

Together we can find the cure for cancer! xo