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We love a woman who’s not afraid to mix and match colors, prints, and patterns. We believe that these women are the ones who set trends and make statements for the importance of expression! Never hold back when it comes to choosing an outfit or picking out the perfect accessories – style should come from the heart.

You don’t need to always wear bright colors or large pieces of jewelry to express yourself. Sometimes it is just about adding the right statement piece or mixing and matching prints (no matter how subtle they are in color or intensity) that can help set you apart from everyone else.

We always pull our fashion inspiration from the season we’re in, so we’ve been obsessing over summertime colors and prints. Take a look at some of our favorite outfit combinations and the pieces that we would accessorize them with below.

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Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

The one thing that fashionistas love most about our accessories is that they are timeless. What works for that bright summer outfit could also complement the soft colors of fall. To check out all our accessories, browse our online store! Whatever your reason is to shop, just know that your purchase will donate 50% of proceeds to cancer research so that you can truly make a (stylish) difference.