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We are counting down the days until fall! It’s difficult to pick a favorite season, but fall is definitely one of our favorites. Aside from the beautiful changes in scenery, and the much-welcomed cooling in temperature, one of our favorite perks of fall is the fashion!

More neutral colors, a different set of patterns, and the ability to experiment with layers are just a few changes we look forward to as the season changes.

What’s trending for fall this year? We are happy to see some trends from last year that will be around for yet another year! You may have one or two of these fall staples in your wardrobe, so we recommend getting them ready for wear! Here are some of our favorite trends, which, of course, we had to pair with our favorite accessories:

Boots, Boots, Boots

Small boots, tall boots, no matter what style you prefer, you will see both options this autumn! Ankle boots (with a little bit of a heel and a unique look – like this red velvet) and over-the-knee boots will allow you to warm yourself up a bit towards the beginning of fall while still letting you wear some of your end-of-summer favorites.


We suggest completing the outfit with some sparkle, like our Couture Toi Et Moi Ring, that features a beautiful pattern of crystals.


Oversized Sweaters

One of our favorite trends from last year is back! We love anything that allows you to be comfortable while also being fashionable, which is why we love the oversized sweater trend. This year, grab a cardigan or poncho that keeps you warm while taking your outfit to the next level.


We think a charm bracelet would be the perfect addition to this comfy chic look! The angel charm on our Blue Angel Love Links fits your angelic style perfectly – and it wears well with any outfit.



Thought denim was just a summer staple this year? Think again! Pair a stunning denim shirt with a pair of black pants and you have a fall look that will make everyone turn heads!


Our Couture Cuff Bracelet pairs so well with a denim look! The crystal flowers are surrounded by a brass cuff with antique details, which make a statement in and of itself.


These looks are just a few of our favorites, but there are so many other fall essentials to try this autumn! Check out our Pinterest board for even more fall inspiration and come pin your favorites!

What’s your favorite trend for fall? Let us know in the comments below!