Shopping for the holidays can be stressful. We long to find the perfect gift for someone. We want our gift to be special, unique, and the right fit for the receiver. Sometimes, we need to find a little inspiration and ideas for what to shop for. Who do we turn to? Our favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers, of course!


As women, we all rely on each other for advice on all things fashion. We want to share in the excitement of adding something new and beautiful to our wardrobe because we want others to feel the same enthusiasm that we feel!


Last week, we were so pleased to be featured in The Effortless Girl’s perfect holiday gift blog. Julie loves our collection; she even plans to adorn her style with Saint Vintage pieces while appearing on TV segments in the coming weeks (be on the lookout for her!).


She is thrilled to gift our pieces to the lovely ladies in her life. Plus, she wanted to share her passion for our pieces with the amazing women that follow her blog!


Head over to the Effortless Girl’s blog and read about all the wonderful sentiments Julie had for not only our sparkly jewelry but our mission to giving back to finding a cure.


As you read, be on the lookout for a special surprise you can only get through Effortless Girl!