Spring is the perfect time for weddings! The weather is warm, flowers are blossoming, and you can feel love in the air. The colors of Spring are incredibly romantic, making this the perfect season to say, “I do.”

If you are still planning your wedding for 2017 or getting a head start on your Spring wedding next year, you’ll need some inspiration to make everything beautiful! We have some great tips and trends for your Springtime wedding.


When you think of Spring, you think of lots of pastel colors! The soft colors are incredbily romantic. Flowers like Lilac, Sweet Pea, Tulips, and Lilly’s are simply beautiful in a bridal bouquet.

sweet pea bouquet

A popular trend in 2017 is adding lots of greenery to bouquets. For those brides that are looking for cost-effective solutions, greenery is a great way to save money but still makes your bouquet beautiful.


Color Themes

Again, Spring is all about pastels! A light green is a perfect color to choose to pair with a soft pastel. After all, every flower contains some greenery to it! Pair a green color with a light pink, soft lavender, or baby blue for a lovely theme.

lavendar and green

A great benefit about Spring also is being able to go a little bold in colors. It’s that time of year, after all! Pair lilac with blush, peach and mint, or aqua with pink.

aqua pink


The Dress

Spring has a very romantic feel to it. Lace details, flowing skirts, and layers of chiffon are simply beautiful. With the warmer weather, you certainly want to consider the style you wear. You want to ensure you are comfortable.

spring wedding dress


Planning a wedding can be lots of fun. Creating styles and looks for a day that is dedicated to you and the one you love is the perfect way to celebrate your commitment to each other.

There are lots more that goes into planning a wedding such as food, venue, and decorations. Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration for your big day!

Don’t forget to accessories! You and your bridal party will need beautiful pieces of jewelry to adorn your stunning gowns. Shop glamorous selections of jewelry that is perfect for weddings.